Our Youth: Education & Recreation

We need to allocate more resources to kids’ programming. We need more outlets for recreation and sports that are staffed, safe, and open to the public. In the 9th District through Private-Public partnerships, I plan to launch and fundraise for a Capital Campaign initiative to open an indoor track & field/sport performance training facility in the 9th District. This facility will be used for various youth & high school sports, summer camps, and academic enrichment.

We need to make sure that our schools have the resources to provide our children with the skills they need, not just academically, but in the trades and emerging industries. Our kids should leave our schools prepared for college or prepared to go straight into the workforce. We also must focus on our truancy problem in our schools. It is known that chronic truancy tends to lead to juveniles being involved in criminal activity. “55,586 of the 115,000 students in Philadelphia was chronically truant during the 2021-22 school year”, which is 48% of students based on the district’s records. We must use every resource available and ensure that our school district has the funding to decrease chronic truancy.