Commercial Corridors Revitalization Plan

As a small business owner on one of Philadelphia’s most vibrant commercial corridors, I understand the importance of strong community development corporations, progressive business taxes, smart zoning, supporting local small business owners, and protecting local business and their customers from being robbed.

My Goals:
1. Tax breaks for local businesses/landlords to switch to solar power.
2. Tax breaks for local businesses to add cameras and join the Safe Cam Program.
3. Tax breaks to local businesses to use other local businesses as vendors.
4. Provide more incentives for small businesses to compete for employees with large to mid-size businesses by providing tax incentives and grants. In addition, I want to expand the Pre-K program to employees who work in small businesses on our commercial corridors to send their children to childcare providers on the same corridor.
5. Provide more Grant funding to CDC for commercial corridors maintenance, cleaningguy, and snow removal. In addition, I want to replace PPA parking meters with 2 hour parking and CDC managed parking lots on our commercial corridors to stimulate local shopping and provide free parking for employees of corridor businesses. I want to encourage and make shopping on our commercial corridors safe and accessible.

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